About Aquatic Inspections

….Since 1991 Aquatic Inspections has been the industry leader for potable water storage tank and reservoir inspections, cleaning, coating repairs and leak detection/repairs.

Our approach and strict adherence to AWWA Standards allows us to inspect your facility without disturbing existing sediment. We are able to document all locations (above and below the waterline) in potable water storage tanks/reservoirs allowing us to provide our customers with crystal clear photographs and DVD’s. All videos are recorded with High Definition Video Cameras; all stills are taken with High Resolution Still Cameras.

Why Us?

Here are a few things that set us apart:

  • Detailed book-bound written reports.
    No handwritten field notes to try and decipher. The entire report is computer produced and printed, then bound to professional presentation standards.
  • HD quality easy-to-watch and understand DVD’s.
    Video inspections are taken back to the office, edited and narrated then burned on to DVD’s. All background and diver exhaust noises are removed. The result is an easy to watch and understand video documentation of your storage facility. We exclusively use High Definition Cameras.
  • Licensed and Insured.
    We are licensed to conduct coating repairs and fully insured. Be sure the diving contractor you hire is licensed to conduct repairs – not all are.
  • We do not disturb existing sediment.
    AWWA Standards dictate that existing sediment not be disturbed during an inspection, which is impossible to adhere to if you are walking across the bottom of the facility. Our inspectors swim the inside of your facility leaving the floor and sediment undisturbed.